Sunday, May 17, 2009

i've had it and i've had it

some say i'm a time bomb
awaiting for the bad timing to let it all go in one shot
or perhaps i might just have a bad anger management
whatever it is
i'm tired
i'm really tired with all those shit that's going around me
i'm really tired why i'm such a push over where i couldnt even fight back for myself and just follow the flow.
i dont know if it's a good thing or not,but i've kept silence for so long.
i dont fucking care i take it myself and finally i exploded
i got blamed for every shit for that day
oh yeah i got fucked for not being understanding for being bad temper
look who's talking now
i took everything to myself and shut it all out,expressing myself in front of these damn monitor.
whom can i express it to?
the keyboards?
i'm tired,i'm really tired
i have to deal with princess attitude every fucking day and i can do nothing about it.
sometimes i wonder,do i even have the rights to talk anything in this family
i guess none
you guys are the wisest,smartest,and the most reliable one
so that leaves me have no rights to talk about anything at all
fine,i leave as it is i dont care and i'll just have to go on with my life.
i do what i'm doing and you guys do what you wanna do
does not concern me.So fuck it,sometimes i even wonder what the hell i'm doing for you guys
fuck it all up
i need a rest

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