Saturday, March 7, 2009

08th March,Sunday 2008

Issit human's nature to betray each other?
is it so easy to betray a family bond cause of money?
So is my fucking mom's sis and her niece
hypocrites hypocrites and hypocrites.
i'm sick of this shit where people have to be so fake.
and still there's still people who'll believe them.
fooled you once and they'll fool you again.

where the fuck are they when you're in deepshit situation where you have to lose so much.
not even once they came to visit my mom.
and i'm glad you fucking failed in your business and break with your bf
that showed me how fake you fuckers are.
How much you guys had betrayed my mom backstabbing my mom trying to ruin her business
and you think nobody knows about it.
please go and fuck with yourself,i'll never forget what you'd done to my family.
Now you came to my house showing that fuck up face trying to tell the whole world you guys are innocent?
you'd never failed to play shit between our family now i'm glad you did.
you played shit that provoked me and now you're gonna get it.
try and harm my family again and i'll guarantee this to you.
Even if it takes me to spoil my record i'll FUCKING KILL YOU LITTLE SHIT.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3rd March,2009

for the past 2 months
i had been very very lazy
lazy with blogging
lazy to update
call me a lazy bum if you will.

life's been great so far
and im gaining weight or i suppose you can call that well-fed
i couldnt explain why but i did gained extra weight.
and extra height
i've been growing taller and huge,i guess i'm a little bit retard starting to grow at this age while most of my friend had reached they maximum height.
looking back how short i am when i'm still in highschool and getting all taller than you guys now.
lately have been busy with assignments
photography,ahah anyone wanna become my model?
and group works alot too,but thats a relieve cause i did the most of concept and storyboard work of course with the help from my group mates

some of my photographs
unedited,yet to be edited

still not so pro yet but hey
dont you think they got "feel" lol