Saturday, November 15, 2008

15th November 2008

almost a month since i've been updated my blog
1st of all
thanks for all those wishes i get on my bday

it's been a really great year for me
and everything's pretty well up till now
altho i didnt really celebrate or did i plan to celebrate this year
but some of you guys really gave me some suprise
well,altho i dont look suprised,but i'm really suprised
thanks Dennis and Puikhe for the blog dedication
love u guys!
altho didnt really talk much or going out alot
but,what matter most need not to be showed
you guys are me close friend n that's that
ok i sound right now
forgive me for that i'm high on some hormones nowadays
oh lol
well i just went to kl few days earlier
it's a...crash trip actually
didnt really planned it out
so,cant really meet alot of me old friends
guess they're busy with assignments
did went to meet yaorong up and crash at his house playing tekken
thanks dude for the ride and hospitality
things i did in kl
you know
i'm a tekken freak and guess most of u guys who know me pretty well could guess what i did
oh lol
yes i went for tekken6 arcade
and it

nuff said
an arcade machine with sony HDTV and nice sound surround system
where could u possibly get this anywhere?
and oh boy
hw i wish there's tekken6 in ipoh
but that's gonna be utter bullshit cause it's never gonna come true
capcom station j00 sarks
tekken aside

i got myself a bday present
well it';s abit late and i bought it myself for myself
it's abit lame i know,but hey
i'm pretty much hype bout it when i got from the seller
oh how stupid i look smiling whole nite long looking at my newly bought bday present
oh here it is guys

the moment i got home
i take it out the box and start setting up
haha sounds abit uh..hype right?
and it looks so freaking cool
altho my sis n mom think it's quite..scary
but hell
i love that shit so much
anyway think i should really put an end to this post
guess it has gone abit too long
can get quite boring,i'm not some prolific blogger afterall
ciao peeps