Tuesday, December 30, 2008

31st,december 2008

i couldnt sleep
puts me in thinking mode
thinking about,unnecessary stuff again.
probably that's what causing me to be abit emo tonight
i should be happy
i'm gonna party for nyeve
well not exactly a super duper great party bash tho
but,at least i'm doing something at this kinda day
*i do not want to spend my nyeve in infi and got humiliated by mango*
at least this year,i'm spending it on beach party
great isn't it?
i should be feeling happy
but no,for now i dont think i'm

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Friday, December 19, 2008

19th December 2008

i've been abandoning my blog for some time now
i dont really know what to blog lately
i need some workout
i've been gaining weight lately..i'm serious and i know you guys were expecting it
okay,talking about workout i need find a decent gym around ipoh
since Dennis is coming back ipoh and suggested we should go work out
what the heck,i need to get buffed
and i felt like singing K now
i sucked at it pretty much but i enjoy it very much lol
well it's how i express myself much in the k-room
u can sing like shit and noone cares lol

on the other hand
i've been selling wacom for now
well,business' slow
gotta be patience
xmas is coming,what did you guys planned?
well for me,i'd a BBQ gathering at my place...
thought of ordering a turkey but it's too expensive
250 for a medium turkey
no choice,gotta opt for something else
am i boring or what
i need something to do before i start thinking nonsense
and i need to shop for new sneakers and shirts too
so much to do yet so lazy to do

happy holidays peoples