Friday, May 30, 2008

June 01 2008,cloudy

a short update

just came back from ykc's sis pre-wedding dinner
with aggronax,hughie,stella and cymon lawl
went back home and keep meddling with my black beauty
forgot to take pics

btw was listening to eason's song while drawing this
guess what song it is
the only song he dresses like this lulz
took me like 15 minutes
a quick sketch

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

may 29th 2008,sunny/rainy

yet another day i'm practicing digital arts
so obessed now that almost 24/7 holding to the pen drawing
keep drawing and drawing

here's a drawing of mine
dun mind the guy,looks crappy cause i've been drawing this like 2 hours lulz
using corel painter ix

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28th may,2008 sunny

lulz back from a missing week without updates
now i'm back
just had a sore throat yesterday which it hurts and...toothache
seriously cant chew on stuff
went to porridge with cymon yesterday,could only drink the porridge
i'm in vain,vain for unable to chew on the food
well did more practice with the tablet
and voila,an apple i draw out of nothing
couldn't think of anything and..there goes i drew that approx 15 minutes
looks abit like crap tho lulz

Friday, May 16, 2008


been on and out in 2 college
previously TOA(TheOneAcademy) and now currently PIA(perak institute of arts)
somehow i'm able to notice something similar in both college,or design college generally speaking

Do you agree that,students who are good in drawing Anime-like stuff will be good in designing?
i've seen alot,that newly enroll students would take anime = graphic design
but in reality they're different things
IMO,maybe it's lack of education bout arts and designing during their high school?
stereotyping has always been happening since form 4 where students are planted with mindset that Art/Vocational class are for the drop-outs
hence,planting a thought that Science class are superior and the career ahead are way alot better than others
indirectly it destroy our country's creative industry.
so it is linked to the issue of "underpaid GD"
i'm not to talk about underpaid GD
but rather do students know what they're going through and the difference between anime and design
should we blame the school for lack of education? or the student themselves for not doing enough research?

Discuss cheers

May 16,2008 sunny

another hot day again
spent the whole afternoon doing nothing again
oh had lunch with simon and hughie
lulz had some..braised chicken rice
altho not really full considering the size of my belly

well,my brain now is full with imagination
yep,how i wish i could rear my favorite pet
lol i'm pretty sure everyone has one
i spent the whole day reading the stuff bout it
how to tame it and stuff

they look so freaking cool
had been dreaming bout having one
but unfortunately,it'll cost a bomb raising one
considering the cages and of course the freakingcoolasss lizard which cost alot
oh and also the risk of getting bitten and whipped by the freakingcoolass lizard
had been considering about gecko and stuff,thanks to yaorong and his friend(sorry i forgot your name but i guess i could call you the snake guy) which his whole house is dedicated to reptiles and amphibians (snakes,lizards,and tarantulas if i'm not wrong
but then again gecko aint so cool ass like iguanas
and the most important thing is
you cant put it on your shoulder and walk in the streets

well for now i could only imagine
lulz(it's so freakingcoolass)

oh well been listening to this band quite frequent lately
nice music they had,some sorta indie band
lulz enjoy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15,2008 sunny

hot day isn't it?
it's sickness season
seems like everybody tarting to get flu or something like that
well,to my dear friends and family
remember to drink more water lol
sounds like grandma right?

had a hot day, and i can get my beloved white coffee today
the restaurant's closed :(
wasn't feeling very good today took an evening nap
later that night
a friend called me up,well accompanied him to dinner at jusco
lulz had a donut at big apple
well what to say,he's a very good friend of mine or ngam key or so to say
he had a lil bit of probs and got kinda moody tho
had a little conversation and stuff
well,think i'll write this up

no matter how bad your day is,
you still have to go on with your life
if that's the case why not go with a smile(bad engrand,lulz)
moody or not,if you face it with a smile on your face
it'll be alot better
you've gone through alot of things
most of them is tough
but heck you've gone through all that and you are what you are today
instead of putting up a sad face
why not start a brand new day with a smile.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

may 12,2008 sunny

ahh after few days missing
i'm here to blog again
been sick for the past few days
nausea and some..cirit birit
and the freaking laptop got infected by trojans
took like..2-5 minutes to refresh a forum page
unable to spam
but heck,luckily seng hon lend me his psp and i wasn't completely bored

just came back from lunch with some of my senior
nice people i'd say lulz and
cheeching FFK me
i finish class she only just woke up
bawa gila banyak benda nak buat

today took bus back,so there are a bunch of girls
high school , high level of profanities
it makes me wonder,am i like that when i'm still in school?
will my sis be like that too when we're not around
well let's hope not lulz
(sounds like i'm so old lulz)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 06,2008 rainy

truth hurts,it'll always hurt your ears listening to it.
in fact lies is what hurt you most.
couldn't agree more
dennis came back today,went to jusco thought of buying stuff
for well.....
you know who
after that went to find keijoe,kwok wei,and kwong yik
the usual trio that would hang out at infi just for dota
well..joined them for a game and went to yumcha
it was..quite boring
all footballs talk
yeah..arsenal,MU and etc
cant understand a thing
except for those /b/ memes i saw at /b/ threads

dead bored even though college has just started
it's simply...short
imagine i get to go home at lunch time

here's something to humor you guys

Monday, May 5, 2008

may05,2008 cloudy

another boring day
so damn free nowadays
assignment sikit
class also sikit
according to my senior,i could have been in the second year with what i had learnt
but well,a college is a college still they need to earn some profit outta me

1)College Applications
2)sweet talks

heck,now i need to study back for what i've learn

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 04,2008 sunny

how would you want your life to be in your future?
yet another day,boring day
have not start doing my assignments yet
it's freaking hot tho.....
bought soya bean and some lengkong
taste damn nice especially on this kind of weather
did it for t3h lulz
tomorrow gonna have class again
9am to 12pm
it's gonna be so free until then
guess tonight will be going out for dinner
most probably.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 03 2008 rainy

just came back from work....
kinda alot of customer today
and thanks hughie and stella for buying some stuff
guess tonight is going to be very very...i mean really boring

Friday, May 2, 2008

May02,2008 sunny

lazy day i has
went to college but seems like nobody's coming
just me and minkin and the lecturer
well everybody has their lazy day
been doing management proposal for my dad
trying to cut down his workload
something at least has been put in to use after so many readings
lawl,didnt waste my money for nothing buying those books
question pops out of my head

what if,your life you had been married to a career woman
someone who's better than you in sense of career and everything
how would it be?

lol wut

just got caught by my friend,senior to a some sorta student council meeting
and.....out of nowhere i'm now a committee member for the class
more like i'm being put on a table
if you know what i mean

oh by the way
say hello to my newfound baby YASHICA FX-7

i did it for t3h lulz

oh lawd
another blog again.
seriously cant keep a blog alive for a long time,maybe i'm a lazy bum afterall
new leaf new life
well,just transferred college from TOA to PIA
thing's been going on pretty well i guess
at least no more sleepless nights......
guess PIA is more free in sense of assignments
and somehow,the stress was like....lightweight,really
i can never get motivation at toa with all those coursemate that went crazy
no matter how hard i try,still cant par with them.
well,guess it's a matter of confidence i guess.
oh lawd