Tuesday, September 8, 2009


just came back yumcha with dennis
4 in the morning lol
i couldnt sleep at all ,it seems like i'm going nocturnal soon
night seems to be the better time everyday
probably ...it's quiet during the night,where everybody seems to be sleeping and it's like i'm in a world of my own. (acting sophisticated and all LOL)
been a big spender lately,food,entertainment and all....i felt bad hahaha
and im still wondering how to get rm200-300 just for books like what i've planned with stella and vivian that a day trip to KL just to get books.

just yesterday,hanging out with my coursemate celebratin duck duck's bday
yeah,we had our dinner at richie montana(korean bbq) altho she's not there but still we had our good time eating and stuff...
her car broke down in Taiping and she manage to join us for K session
Great night great night,and there are also people who's surprise i could sing chinese song(i'm a well known banana in my school) lol
will be uploading pictures in fb soon...

there's still a lil piece of fragment that tells me that i'm actually waiting for the impossible,stuck in time