Saturday, September 13, 2008

Panic At the SG8

lame title
today gonna do a triple posting tho
so hardworking aren't i?
back to 31st of august
ahh yes merdeka
nothing special
around noon went out to lunch with cymon and stella somewhere opposite sun yuen loong
it was nothing special really,normal hot day,blow some water
and aggronax called me out of a sudden
asking me wanna see lenglui or not
well i was like w00t,lenglui??
oh well,they came from kl and we known each other(not really) in forum
and decided for some meet up with our thread members
3 girls and 1 guy
yumcha abit blow water abit,and actually planned some stuff for night activities
after lepak at oldtown for some time,we actually went to kek lok tong,for some sightseeing and some pictah time
lepak till 4 or 5 like that we went back
simon went to bring em for dinner after that which i did not join and later at frosty beer
i joined in later and had to drink a few cup lulz
and then move on to sincero riverbank,ordered a bottle of red wine
and dennis,timmy,karweng join in ,aggronax bought em a bucket of heineken lulz
(thanks bro)
feeling not so siok,aggro decided to go to SG8
lol,chinese song cum techno
feel damn great man lol
lepak till like 3 like that,again it's aggro's treat
he actually tumbang before 3 and went to his car and sleep
went back home,i couldnt sleep tho lol
too semangat already,well 1st time been drinking so much since so long and i actually remain so sedar lol
and tomorrow morning i had to wake up for cameron trip
and took some pictah actually lol