Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember Remember

when's the last time you guys had ever went on a trip
i mean as in a bunch of god friends sharing the same room
it was 3 or 4 years ago if i'm not wrong
that i had went on a penang trip with a bunch of good ol friends
those who went to the trip im sure you all know what i'm talking about lol.
btw it's after SPM that we went for the trip

dont mind that jumping monkey,3 naked guys in my room,what else could you ask for but buttsecks
get your latest season of baywatch,naked guys edition
remember how kiddy we used to look?

remembering how do we look in the past 4 years
it reminds us how fast we had grown up
some went to work
some still studying
some went oversea
wondering when we will have a trip like this again
you guys miss those time?
i certainly do

On the other hand,
a new sem had started,new subject with some old subject retaining
what excites me is that there will be 3d class,website and also wacom
finally something that has nothing to do with paperwork or painting in watercolor
(remember the panda brand watercolor?)
guess alot of work will be coming in this 4 months
btw i had my first assignment,i'll have to design a shoe,yes using marker or fabric paint to make on
sounds cool but it doesnt once you cant seems to get the thing looks like what you had imagine

sigh she's graduating this month,and i had not done anything yet

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chingy said...

TRIP ZOMG!!!111oneone