Monday, July 27, 2009


back at blogging..
finally something to blog about
or.. perhaps i don't know how to put it in text

so what's up?
2009 pass so a blink of an eye
just the other day when i was walking around jj i saw mooncakes booth set up at the supermarket
and i was like WTF i thought i had mooncake not long ago!
well i guess time do fly by that fast..

talking about my work,yeah i'm a forum leader/moderator for
how long has it been?
it's almost 8 months..and still going
i guess...we've been growing rapidly,altho you cant compare us to the long time established forum..but hey we're growing and it's fast.
we've got some exclusive stuff and most of all we got free entry to milkshake at Euphoria MOS
great news for clubbers

i'd been active on cg lately,much to concept art..AGAIN
looking back at my old work,i think i got a massive improvement..yeah at least i would think so
have you ever thought about..when you're good at something,but you can never be good
is it no confidence or is it just my pure skill.....
i still think my work really sucks..looking at the cgsociety portfolio made me even more demoralized. sigh ,i really wanted to do freelance even for novel illustration..anyone? haha

so talking about CG,i've met this guy in forum
i dont know which name he goes by..but he's another CG freak like me
draw draw draw and draw
i guess...i'm happy in a way that i found someone who shares the same interest..
not forgetting simon whom i used to hang out with..but..he moved to i'm here struggling to get my work improved..
but nevertheless, Damien/aaron here got a good sense of human figures
shifting from anime style to a more realism and alil bit of renaissance style painting
he's good and i had to admit.
altho he's a quiet guy...but he understood what i wanted to say..regarding bout CG and stuff
i guess..there's not much that would talk about design and CG with me
i remember i talked about this stuff to dennis before..but he couldnt get it..and i end up talking to the wall,disappointed i might be....but how could a lawyer-to-be could possibly understand what i'm talking about.
it's like you're talking about cooking with a construction worker.
so i met damien and his student winnie and had some art jam together
ya know..talking about cg..draw share some books and somehow we've gotten some attention while doing that too.
Apparently,there's an auntie who came to look at our drawing while pointing our work to her daughter "eh look ah girl,see very nice"
she's pointing at my gory work to her daughter.....nice you say?
i dont know..

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